Dogan Gök

Founder of Skyborn and Door.

I’m Dogan. I ideate, design, code, build and launch purpose driven innovative meaningful products, services, experiences, brands and businesses to improve the lives of people.


I work at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology, bringing these and other disciplines together to solve a wide range of problems. I believe that an imaginative application of art, design and science can drive change and improve the lives of people. Especially the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities.
A lot of what I do is in music, media, technology and the arts. That’s where I come from, and that’s where my heart is. Since 2005, I have launched two brands. My passion for science, fashion and innovation led me to create Skyborn. And my devotion for music, media, culture and the arts led me to create Door. Running my own ventures is paramount to what I do. It keeps giving me new perspectives on what it takes to make things in the digital and physical space (and to make them successful).


I'm concerned with not just how to do something, but why to do it. Every project starts with pioneering research that is able to pinpoint underlying motivations and why people do what they do. I use this foundational understanding of human behavior to reframe the world, define untapped markets, and identify existential opportunities, and threats. Empathy is one of the most important parts of building a company, product or service. I pride myself on adapting to the conditions and on doing the right thing by the people I meet and interact with.
My work is grounded in research and guided by strategy. Through collaboration, perspective and experimentation I seek to generate innovative ideas that explores the intersection of art, culture and technology while pushing its boundaries. I focus on solving problems and creating value.
The use of advanced algorithms, analytics, knowledge of cutting-edge software and technologies and a multidisciplinary approach enables me to explore ideas without being bound by a specific medium. I craft solutions that provide value and lay a foundation for growth and change.


I create services and products for social good. All of my projects aim to increase the potential for positive social impact. I use critical thinking, empathy and creativity to create viable and impactful solutions that put people first.
I make an attempt at evolving otherwise dated - but critical - sectors: Education, Technology, Cities, Money, Consumer, Kids and Health. These areas are where I see the biggest opportunities.
I aim to improve the health and sustainability of towns and cities through the use of technology and networks. Reinvent the tools and resources that help advance future generations. Support new consumer products and services that are healthy, sustainable, and rooted in authenticity. Empower consumers with data to help them take control over their health, and upending medicine’s traditional R&D model. And democratize financial services in ways that are equitable and transparent.